Transparency Policy and Procedures

Financial Disclosure Policy

In hopes to be transparent and show that we are indeed making a difference, we will show quarterly statements for operational and project specific funding. We believe in the transparent age and want to be open and honest with where donation money is being spent. We will have an operation column and a relief column. We do need to have funds to function but relief is why we are established, running, and here.

Current Fund as of September 9, 2017

Disaster Relief Fund $3,607.11

Operating Fund   $2,188.59


Economic Sustainability Policy

The mission of Activation ReAct is to help those who find themselves the victims of a natural disaster. We also have an economic sustainability strategy in place, as it is important to help people in their time of need in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Here are a few of the steps we are taking to maintain a sustainable impact:

  • – Board member agendas and communication will be provided in PDF format rather than print.
  • – Electronic notes are taken and stored on an environmentally-conscious and secure server.
  • – Technology is used to decrease paper usage when corresponding with vendors, sponsors, and partners.
  • – Banking and bookkeeping is done electronically.
  • – When printing is required, recycled paper will be used. Materials will also be double-side printed whenever possible.

We continually seek ways to reduce our environmental impact and welcome suggestions.


Legal Information

We’ve organized Activation ReACT as a full-fledged nonprofit corporation governed by an independent board of directors of committed volunteers.   We are tax-exempt, which gives us Section 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.  Your generous donations to Activation ReACT will be deductible.

The “2018 SPXFlow Disaster Fund” (A separate fund that is established for SPX Flow and their employees in distress) will be closed on the last day of the year, December 31, 2018.  Non-distributed funds, at that time, will be rolled into the “General Disaster Relief Fund” to assist in multiple environmental distress projects for the next year.


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