About Us

Why We Are Here:

According to Emdat, International Disaster Base, in the year 2013 there were over 27 natural disasters in the United States alone. This includes extreme winter conditions, floods, storms, and earthquakes. As unfortunate as this statistic is, some experts considered 2013 to be a mild weathered year compared to other years. The devastating toll these statistics have in human interest is that the death count was over 200 people and the total lives affected are around 214,600.

Of these 27+ natural disasters across the United States, seven were weather and climate related, each with losses exceeding $1 billion. These included five severe weather and tornado events, a major flood, and the western drought / heat wave. Overall, these events have had devastating effects on the economic and humanitarian success of these areas.

Our Mission

Activation React is on a mission to provide ways for people of all ages to lend a helping hand during environmental disasters within the United States. We assist individuals young and old to be proactive in their own neighborhoods.  Rather than feeling helpless and distant in times of need, they can use their talents as a source of creative fundraising for victims of tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires, floods, and other natural disasters.

Our Story

The Norton family has been involved in disaster relief since 2002. As their family has grown, so have their hearts for this cause.

Elizabeth was instrumental in the #JerseyLove movement which not only raised money but also drew attention across the U.S. and drove tourism to the Jersey Shore after Hurricane (Super Storm) Sandy.

Through that lesson, a team of  inspired, heart centered people joined us to create a way to “activate a reaction” for families, near or far, to help their neighbors in natural disaster distress in the United States.


Activation ReACT Executive Board

As pictured:

Vice President : Jack Norton
President: Elizabeth Norton
Treasurer: Colleen Bohensky
Secretary: Megan Crume

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